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Terms of Use

Terms of use
You must comply with the following rules when using HalaAqar:
  1. You must post a real estate ad, available for sale or rent currently.
  2. Do not include any promotional web addresses or other promotional materials.
  3. Make sure you do not load inappropriate content or elements on the site
  4. Do not copy the advertisement from the site and re-publish it in other sites
  5. You should check the accuracy of the geographical location of the property published on the site and not to publish your property in a geographical location or imaginary location that is inaccurate.
  6. You should publish photos taken from the same property and not publish photos of another property.
  7. You should remove your property after selling it or leasing it immediatly.
  8. Not to manipulate prices and publish false price other than the sale, purchase or rent price.
  9. Do not post comments or false articles and defamation

When posting an ad on the site, the ad must include:
  1. Accurate address of street, neighborhood, city, country...etc.
  2. In addition to point A, you must choose the exact location of the property from the map in the posting page
  3. Type of property advertised
  4. Description of the property advertised
  5. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms and any other rooms
  6. Number of parking spaces
  7. Photos of the property
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